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We're the CCTV experts.

Is your CCTV system working efficiently? If not, it could let you down when you most need it. TVC Visual provide bespoke CCTV solutions for Retail, Commercial and Industrial applications; solutions that really work.

CCTV Specialists

TVC Visual are experienced suppliers and installers of all types of CCTV system; from small retail outlets right up to large factories and bus terminals.

Bespoke Solutions

We provide a bespoke CCTV survey and installation service that ensures you get a highly effective system for your individual needs.

System Upgrades

Why not take advantage of the latest CCTV technology? Digital Recording now offers vastly increased definition and many days of trouble free recording.

CCTV Maintenance

Maintaining CCTV systems is essential to ensure efficient and reliable operation. We provide a regular service schedule for all types of system.

Why is CCTV so important?

Vandal-resistant Dome CameraCCTV Cameras are a proven deterrent against crime, vandalism, unwanted visitors and staff problems. Millions of businesses have the benefit of professional up-to-date CCTV systems. Statistics point to major reductions in crime where cameras are installed and CCTV is seen by many as the best deterrent. Properly installed and maintained CCTV systems can reduce crime by up to 90%. Remember, CCTV is not just to record criminal activity, it can also be used to record details of specific areas of your business for the protection of personnel.

Affordable solutions

CCTV doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We offer High Definition 4 camera digital recording systems suitable for small retail outlets for as little as £595.00.

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If you'd like more information, please call 07977 925772 or send us your enquiry.

Remote Viewing

CCTV recordings can be viewed or monitored over a PC network via a Broadband connection. Live images or recordings from the system can be viewed from any location, including viewing on your mobile phone.

Multi Camera Systems

We can install as many as 32 cameras in one CCTV system, allowing comprehensive coverage of large construction sites, office buildings and factories.

Digital Recording

Gone are the days of the troublesome and low-resolution videotape! Digital Video Recorders allow many days of high definition recording and offer instant playback.

Facial Recognition

Recent advances in technology have made CCTV Facial Recognition a very effective and reliable security tool and invaluable for police evidence.

CCTV's uses go beyond the conventional

The situations where CCTV monitoring can be applied are numerous. CCTV's uses don't just stop at crime prevention, and although this is the most common use, there are new areas such as Health & Safety monitoring which can benefit greatly from CCTV systems being used.

Exterior mounted CCTV camerasJust some of CCTV's other functions:

  • Facial recognition CCTV adjusted to record face detail is invaluable for police evidence
  • Vehicle registration numbers Specialised cameras can record number and model of vehicle
  • Cash Tills This is one of the most vulnerable areas in a retail environment
  • Premises Entrances Record all visitors to and from each entrance
  • Staff movements Theft by staff is responsible for up to 60% of shrinkage from retail premises
  • Reception areas and Bars Record details of customers and staff movements

TVC Visual supply a vast range of equipment at affordable prices and work closely with clients to make sure their systems are providing results. If you'd like more information on any aspect of CCTV, we'd be happy to assist you, so please call 07977 925772 or send us your questions.

Case Study: Chichester Festival Theatre

We recently installed a comprehensive new CCTV system for Chichester Festival Theatre. The requirement was for a CCTV camera recording system to cover the external areas of the theatre site for both surveillance and monitoring traffic and visitors to the site.

The Theatre management wanted a high quality system that could be networked to their computer system and record in various modes to suit individual areas.

The installation has a total of 14 high resolution cameras strategically fitted to cover the exterior perimeter of the whole site.

TVC Visual completed the installation at the theatre within the budget requirements and work alongside staff to maintain the system and make any adjustments or additions as needed.

This has been a very exciting project for our company and we are pleased that the result is so successful.

Case Study: MTU UK Ltd

MTU UK Ltd are the main engine supplier for Princess and Sunseeker Yachts, and also supply and maintain engines and generators for Inter-city locomotives. We were asked to install a CCTV system at MTU Ltd's East Grinstead facility.

TVC Visual installed a total of 16 cameras in two buildings for Health & Safety and security purposes at MTU's facility in East Grinstead, Sussex.

Strategically positioned external cameras cover the main entrances and car parking areas to record traffic and personnel movement.

MTU Ltd wanted to carry out detailed CCTV monitoring of heavy machinery for Health & Safety purposes. Each internal camera covers a designated area where personnel carry out work on large diesel engines used in the marine and locomotive industries.

This camera installation will be connected to their computer network to allow remote viewing and has the added advantage of authorised personnel accessing images on a mobile phone at any time. Recorder images are stored on a large capacity hard drive that will keep data for up to 3 months.

More recent installations:

  • Up-market Hair Salon in Chichester. A CCTV recording system that is networked and can be viewed remotely by the owners whilst away abroad or at their other branch.
  • A multi-camera system fitted to a beautiful Country House that is undergoing refurbishment. The requirement here was for a high quality system that will record both day and night for security purposes. The owner needed remote access and 24 hour recording, and also to be able to view images from the system on individual TV sets throughout the property. This installation was carried out using unobtrusive high definition cameras with totally concealed cabling. All work here was carried out to a very high standard to match the quality of the surroundings.
  • We have recently completed the installation of a multi-camera system at a school for young children in Southampton. They needed to cover all the vulnerable areas around the site for Health and Safety compliance. The cameras can be viewed remotely by the principal.
  • We have been asked recently to install recording camera systems in a fleet of delivery vehicles for a transport company. The equipment used is specially ruggedized and vibration proof to suit the transport environment.

    These systems are economical to buy or rent and we welcome enquiries.

Serving the South

Based in Chichester, West Sussex we concentrate on providing a friendly, knowledgable service to businesses throughout the South of England.

We'd be happy to assist you, so please call 07977 925772 or send us your questions.

Corporate Specialists

Our business is focused primarily on the Corporate and Commercial client and we have the expertise to carry out complex CCTV surveys and installations. Some of our recent clients include Stagecoach and Sunlight Services.

Maintenance Contracts

Maintaining CCTV systems is essential to ensure efficient and reliable operation. We are able to tailor a comprehensive service schedule for all types of CCTV system. Contact us for details on CCTV servicing.

Useful Resources

Below you'll find a selection of CCTV related links and downloads that may be of use.

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